ACRA and IRAS – Your business partners

Business owners will need to know 2 government agencies, ACRA and IRAS for your business related-reportings.

Business owners have many responsibilities, to ytest stakeholders, to the governing bodies and to yourself. It can be a daunting task, but if managed carefully, you can be good at what you start off to do and leave the rest to your teams.

We are business owners ourselves and we know what it is like to work as a team with strength in our own fields.Internet technology changed the way we work. We can be remotely operating and still get the job done. We are experts in this area and we want to share the out-sourcing services with you.

Whether you already have a business on-going or going to start a business, you will require most of the services listed below.

It is also important that you review your business cost on a going-basis, know who is offering the best service without compromising on the quality of work.Just like some telcos, their offer is for new customers and existing customers still pay the full fees.

Do not let your problem snowball until you cannot handle it, then be prepared to pay a premium for others to solve your problem.

We work with business partners who are expert in their own areas, their strength in certain industries, even though some are providing the same range of services.

We form an ecosystem that gives you a one-stop solution for all your business needs and we know your needs change with time and business growth.

The scalability of our services makes it possible for you to manage your cost during the toughest time but stwdill keeping the essentials in place.

Out-sourcing alloqws you to avoid the fixed cost that conventional services demand from all businesses.

Incorporating of new business

You should be able to do it yourself at Bizfile, managed by ACRA. However, if you prefer our assistance, give us a call and we will assign a best suited service provider to you

Subscription to Realtimme Cloud

To provide the out-sourcing services, you must first subscribe to the Realtimme Cloud solution from our business partner.As the solution is a software-as-a-service solution, you will have direct control of the data, even if you do not engage our services at a later stage of your business.

Pay per transaction bookkeeping

We use Realtimme Cloud to keep your accounts. We can print a report as to how many transactions were posted and bill you according to the number of records in a month. This is a fair way of keeping track of your transaction volumes. You pay-as-you-use concept will ensure that you manage your cost in a transparent way

Remote Accountant

We can provide a very competitive fee to remotely review your monthly accounts so that your new staff can align the proper work flow according to your company requirement. We can also fill up the gap when your accounts staff resign during the interim period of getting in a new staff. Get a quote from us, to ensure no disruption to your business

Seamless Filing of Annual returns to ACRA

Realtimme Cloud allows you to file your annual returns to ACRA directly from the software, if you fit the criteria set by ACRA. You will need to know if you are required to file your financial statement or XBRL or without financial statement. There are links that owners can read up.

ACRA has recently simplify the filing process to make it easier for business owners to do it yourself, to save on compliance cost.You will see more filing capabilities coming year 2024

Corporate Form C-S

Realtimme cloud is able to file your corporate tax Form C-S if your company fits the criteria set by IRAS. As part of support work, we can advise on the appropriate posting of your accounts, for example, if JSS,a revenue, is taxable or not? You will be able to file your form C-S during your YA 202X yourself. However, if you still need someone to review, we will offer a competitive fee,

Corporate Tax Form C

Form C is more complex than form C-S tax preparation. You probably need some tax planning to avoid some taxes.

We have a few corporate service providers that can do your corporate tax Form C filing for you.

As each service providers are strong in each of their business sector, we will assists you to choose the best fit amongst our business partners

Seamless filing for GST Form 5 , form 7 and form 8

Realtimme cloud is able to directly submit GST filing directly from the software. Most of our users can do it themselves, with the guide of our training videos.

As part of our support work, we advise our users the appropriate tax code to apply. If in doubt, we advise our users to write in to check with IRAS officer

If you still require our assistance for your quarterly or monthly filing, we will appoint our business partner to assist you. A fee will be applicable.

legal advice

Where possible, we would like to see both parties to resolve their dispute amicably. However, we understand that sometimes the ball is not in our court.

We have our business partners to seek their advice, talk to them and get a fee quote.

Book-keeping for MCST accounts

If you are a managing agent, managing private or commercial properties in Singapore, you may consider to outsource the accounting functions to our business partners who are specialising in MCST accounts. We will get our partners to discuss the requirement followed by a fee for the work done. You will need to subscribe to Realtimme Cloud, MCST plan to start with the service

Web Design and web hosting

Most businesses will have a website for their target customers to know what they do and how to attract them to be your customers.

Web hosting is like a house where you keep your contents you like to put up for public to view

Web design is another group of experts who will design how your website looks and feels so that your target customers can navigate your website with ease and get the information they want.

Make sure you have a WhatsApp chat button to let your potential customer reach out to you once you get your interest.

A good web design and hosting services go hand in hand to provide a good users’ experience.

Get a quote from our business partner or let them comment on your current website for a second opinion

Pay-per use Corporate secretarial services

We believe that one day, corporate secretarial services will evolve to be pay-per-use service.

We are now talking to business partners to be the pioneer in this billing model, be a disruptor of the traditional business model.

With ACRA coming up with more streamlined digitalising filing capabilities, with the support of accounting software vendors and better educated business owners, we believe that filing can be do-it-yourself with lowered compliance cost to the business owners. Look out for our updates hereads

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